Daily Archives: July 4, 2011

Sun through trees series

I’ve been getting so many positive responses to my original “Sun through trees” based on a lesson by Karlyn Holman, that I decided to try another one. Kind of fun. The success is all in the vibrant color and the perspective of the shadows. Maybe next time I’ll try it grand sized. Pictured above, “Autumn […]


Size counts

(Pictured above, “Roadside daffodils”, watercolor painting, measures 22″ x 30″, framed original $800.) For a long time I’ve been trying to “get big” with my paintings. If you’re not familiar with watercolor paintings, it’s kind of hard to work big. First of all since the medium is watery, it makes it mostly impossible to work […]


Flying dreams

I’ve been doing a lot of sketching lately – I have been getting inspiration to do a series based on narratives that spring from my dreams. For years now I’ve been having dreams of flying. Sometimes I’m in a flying contraption, sometimes I’m just floating above the street, sometimes I’m really high, sometimes I’m just […]