Daily Archives: July 14, 2011

In progress: Shadows and daylilies

I’ve started working on a new painting based on a photo I took last week. Even though stopping to take a few photos made me a little late to my class, I think it was worth it. I feel strongly that you have to grab the moments of inspiration when they are presented to you. […]


Add another crinkle

Still working on the masa crinkled paper technique – I did another in my “Row of Trees” series. I really like how this technique adds a weathered feeling to the painting, an integrated texture that seems to really enhance a landscape painting. It’s funny working with this technique as you really have to be prepared […]


Inspiration found outside Galter Life Center

Hustling to my exercise class the other day at Galter Life Center in Chicago, I stopped in my tracks. I was running late, only minutes to check in, whip off my street togs, shower down and jump in the pool for the class that was about to start… but yet I stopped where I was, […]