Pictured above, “Rolling”, watercolor, 32″ x 40″ framed.

Browsing through Facebook I saw a couple beautiful ocean shots taken by my friend Celia. (I occasionally scroll through Celia’s albums because she’s got an amazing eye. This is not the first painting I did inspired by her photography).

I’ve been looking for some subject matter that would translate well to a large canvas and my aesthetic, and that had a tendency toward abstraction. Celia’s photos felt like the perfect inspiration. Following are two large scale (22″ x 30″) paintings finished today. I think I may be on to something here.

"Break", watercolor painting by Rochelle Weiner

“Break”, watercolor painting by Rochelle Weiner

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    I love these Rochelle. They are just so painterly. This just might be the big idea that gets into galleries!

    • Rochelle Weiner
    • July 18, 2011

    Here’s hoping, Georgene! :)

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