Workshop with Karlyn Holman

I’ve just returned from a week long workshop with Karlyn Holman in Washburn Wisconsin. This is the 4th year in a row I’ve attended a workshop with her. Karlyn is such an inspiring person – she’s created a wonderful life for herself in the arts. She is a great artist, she teaches in her studio and in workshops all over the world, she has a thriving business in an idyllic small town – she really is a wonder.

The first class I took with Karlyn a few years ago opened my eyes. Her success has inspired me change my life and pursue fine art as a career – something I never really believed was a feasible goal until I met Karlyn. Thank you, Karlyn – you are my inspiration!

Each year, Karlyn has new techniques to teach and new directions to take us. Each year I come away with inspiration to feed my studio time, incorporating the new ideas I’ve learned into my own work.

Below are my finished pieces derived from the lessons we worked on last week.

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    • Jo A Dhein
    • June 14, 2013

    We’re interested in purchasing Afternoon Nip
    ~JoAnn and Dan
    BTW you’re brilliant!

  1. Reply

    Rochelle– I’m so impressed! Each one of your paintings is beautiful and I loved reading about the techniques used to create them. Your week in WI seems inspiring indeed.

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