Galleria refreshed

I have been renting a booth space at the Andersonville Galleria for a couple years now – it is a happy space for me. It was the first place I started showing my work, and not only have I made many sales, but I have also met some great people and been “found” by some people who have helped my career as a Chicago painter along on it’s merry way.

A couple weeks ago I revamped my booth. I put up a fresh coat of paint, and put up all new art (save my portrait samples). I took down florals and put up abstracts. I took down my old landscapes and put up my Absurdity Birdity and Snow Day series. Now in addition to watercolors you’ll also find encaustic paintings and oil/cold wax paintings. All new matted prints are available too.

It’s a whole new booth. If you haven’t visited recently I invite you to come take a new look. It’s the Rochelle Weiner Fine Art booth, on the first floor, in the back.

TIP: If you let me know you’re planning a visit, I can meet you there. And if you buy an original while I am there, I may extend you a courtesy discount!

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    • Amanda
    • July 19, 2013

    Hi, I was in the galleria the other day and saw your work. It is lovely. In the first picture above there is a really small piece that is blue on the top and green on the bottom. Can you tell me the material that was used to make it. Thanks, Amanda

    • Reply

      Hi Amanda – if you’re talking about the painting that’s currently in the front window of the galleria – it’s quite a large painting in person – it’s a mixture of cold wax and pigment sticks (which are a mix of wax and oil paint. :)

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