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Chicago Woods sold!

Thank you to Chris Martin for his recent purchase of “Chicago Woods”. It fits beautifully in your room, Chris! The work was inspired by the beautiful colors of late fall in the Chicago Forest Preserve near my home. Each time I drove by I’d literally gasp at it’s beauty – especially on the sunny afternoon […]


Galleria refreshed

I have been renting a booth space at the Andersonville Galleria for a couple years now – it is a happy space for me. It was the first place I started showing my work, and not only have I made many sales, but I have also met some great people and been “found” by some […]


Workshop with Karlyn Holman

I’ve just returned from a week long workshop with Karlyn Holman in Washburn Wisconsin. This is the 4th year in a row I’ve attended a workshop with her. Karlyn is such an inspiring person – she’s created a wonderful life for herself in the arts. She is a great artist, she teaches in her studio […]


Encaustics and the discarded series

As another branch of my “Discarded” series, I have been incorporating antique photography into encaustic works. I have a fascination with antique photography. It’s sad and intriguing to find old family snaps and formal shots for sale at junk shops and antique stores. I can spend ages sifting through these crumbling old pages from someone […]


One way to monoprint

There are lots of ways to create monoprints. I learned a fun way to do it in a workshop with Karlyn Holman a couple years ago. I’ve used this process to create probably more than 100 paintings by now. I’ve done series of flowers, vegetables an fruits, portraits, birds, and most recently I have come […]


Now on Facebook

Facebook – at long last. I have been meaning to create a page for quite a while now and finally have got it up and running. Here’s the link. I guess this means now that I need to separate my art postings from my personal facebook page. That will take some discipline! I’m picturing the […]


Opening on Friday May 10

I am one of 10 featured artists at the Deer Path Art League’s show “Art is for the Birds” opening Friday May 10 in Lake Forest, IL. Art is for the birds May 10-June 14 Deer Path Art League & Gallery 400 E. Illinois Rd, (2nd Floor) Lake Forest, IL 60045 Open Monday through Friday […]


Absurdity birdity

A new series of monoprints has been inspired by an upcoming show “Art is for the Birds” at the Deer Path Art Gallery in Lake Forest, Illinois. I was looking at the bird paintings I’ve done in the past and at the many figurative paintings I’ve done in the past year and wanted to put […]


Art is for the Birds

I have been asked to show 12 works featuring birds in the “Art is for the Birds” group show at the Deer Path Art League and Gallery – yay! I’ve focused on birds in many of my paintings and I will be showing a series of monoprints and encaustic works at this show. Very excited […]


NBC’s Chicago Fire and me

Yow!! Got a screen grabs of my artwork on national TV! NBC’s Chicago Fire, filming in Chicago, has purchased 2 of my paintings for the permanent set and borrowed 4 more for use on temporary sets. Last night’s episode showed the character “Shay” rescuing an at-risk baby – a poignant scene. But all I could […]


More paintings to be on NBC’s Chicago Fire!

Thrilled to find out NBC’s Chicago Fire selected 4 more of my paintings from The Leigh Gallery  – this time on loan – for use on their sets! I assume that since they’re on loan they’re not for the permanent sets but rather for single scene usage. Keep an eye out for them – I […]


Two sold from Snow Day series

I am very pleased to report that I have already sold two paintings from my new series, “Snow Day“. Considering I only started this series about a month ago I’d say that’s great progress! First one sold was “O’Hare in the Park” (above) to my friends Scott and Roger – owners of the dog featured […]


Two large-scale watercolors now part of the Tony Odisho collection

So, how cool is this? The fabulous Tony Odisho, owner of Exsalonce Salon and Spa in Chicago as well as Tony Odisho Extensions and Ostia Hair Products (who also happens to be my hairdresser!) called me a couple weeks ago for a favor. He asked if he could borrow a couple of paintings as staging […]


Snow day

A walk through a nearby Chicago park during the snow with my friend Roger and his dog O’Hare spurred this new series, which feels like a fun new direction in my work. Featured above is “Fetching”. Below are a few paintings in the series. This series is currently being shown at The Leigh Gallery and at […]


Now showing at Pizza Rustica, Chicago

Big announcement! My first 1-woman show has now officially begun. Juliana Montebello-Roman and Chef Stefano Roman invited me to show my work at their beautiful and delicious Italian restaurant – Pizza Rustica. The restaurant is located at 3908 North Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL 60613 (just 3 blocks north of Wrigley Field, one block south of […]


My friends at Felines & Canines

Last month I wrote a post when I completed a series of pet portraits I planned on donating to my friends at Felines & Canines. I wanted to give them something to help decorate their soon-to-be-completed, totally renovated, new and improved pet shelter. Well – the long year of construction is finished – and now […]


New greeting cards available for holiday gifts season

Just printed up 16 new greeting card designs. They can be purchased singly for $4.00 or in packs of 4 for $13.00. The cards are blank inside, and each comes with a silver metallic envelope. Contact me for orders.


My work hanging in Florida

Thank you to Chuck and Mary Haas for supporting my burgeoning art career. They purchased from me when I was just getting started a couple years ago. Following is a photo of the work  framed and hanging in their Florida home – I think it looks fabulous!  


Just won an IWS Award of Excellence for my painting, “And then I lost it”

Big news – last night I was honored by winning an “Award of Excellence” at the Illinois Watercolor Society’s Annual Member Show for my painting “And then I lost it” (shown below)! I am over the moon thrilled about this. My first award since taking up painting again 2 years ago. I walked into the […]


Monoprints in oil

A fun side product of this new technique I learned from instructor Lisa Pressman at her recent workshop (written about in the previous post) are a series of monoprints. Using the R&F Pigment Sticks, draw on the surface of you painting, throw a piece of paper over it and use a rubber roller over the […]


Experimenting with Pigment Sticks

I recently took a painting workshop called “Experimenting with Pigment Sticks”, with instructor Lisa Pressman at Shake Rag Alley in Mineral Point Wisconsin. I had a blast. Met some really great people including Lisa who was not only a great instructor but very inspiring as an artist and a person as well. And she got […]


Felines & Canines – a very worthy cause

Last year I met some wonderful people. An amazing group of people who dedicate their lives to taking care of cats and dogs who have found themselves without homes. And they were right around the corner from where I’ve been living for the last 6 years. Felines & Canines is a no kill dog and […]


Rochelle Weiner originals on Network TV

Wow – I am super thrilled. Jean Leigh of The Leigh Gallery in Chicago sold 2 of my paintings to the set of NBC’s new series, Chicago Fire. I can’t wait to see my work on TV! If you’re watching, keep an eye out for these two  fall scenes. They’re about 15″ x 15″ in […]


Painting in thirds

Three years in a row  I’ve taken a week-long watercolor workshop with Karlyn Holman, in Washburn Wisconsin. I find this woman so inspiring – not only is she a truly gifted artist and painting instructor – but she also has such a verve for life you can’t help get wrapped up in her exuberance. During […]


Getting myself back into fine art

  Artist’s Statement “I experience true moments of peace while I’m painting.” When I was little, whenever my brother and I would complain we were bored, mom used to sit us down with paper and crayons and let us go. This was my start as an artist. In school art was always where I excelled […]


Return customer

Brian Kozlowski hired me a few months ago do create a portrait of his partner’s parents as a surprise gift. He and his partner Jonathan Carbonell were so happy with the result that they came back and commissioned a second portrait, this time of Brian’s parents. I’m thrilled to present a photo they sent me […]



I love it when a client sends me a photo of my work on their walls. Leslie Anagnostakis of New York recently bought two of my original paintings (thank you Leslie!) She purchased “Autumn Shine” for her sister, and “Rita’s Back Yard” for herself. I was so excited to get the following photo! I think […]


90 degree winter

It’s been so hot in Chicago lately that I was inspired to paint a couple winter landscapes, below. Nearly monochromatic, these were created using only four paint colors – 3 blue hues and one red. I am totally digging the stark quality.


Spring further

I have continued working on the study from the previous post, “Spring Forest“. I have posted both versions of the painting below for comparison. I deepened shadows, pulled out yellows and whites and created more of a focal point with dappled light filtering through the right side of the painting. I experimented with a new […]


Chicago spring

This spring has been so unusually warm and pleasant that Chicago has sprung into green more quickly than usual. I snapped a few photos recently in a forest near my house and here’s first attempt at capturing the moment in watercolor. This painting is basically a study – a small version (11″ x 15″) working […]


Developments in wax

(Pictured above, Tippi’s Daydream, encaustic) About a month ago I took a class at Shake Rag Alley in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. The instructor’s name was Jeffrey Hirst, he was teaching encaustic painting, what a revelation! Encaustic painting is a method of painting with liquid wax mixed with color, with roots going as bar back as […]


“Discarded Memories” – opening reception May 19

(Pictured above, “The Spinster Sisters Do Mexico”, 40″ x 40″, acrylic) I’m thrilled to be able to invite you to the unveiling of my newest series of paintings, entitled “Discarded Memories” at the Phantom Gallery on May 19. I’ve always been drawn to vintage photography, often standing for ages in antique stores sifting through boxes […]


A new direction

Painting from life I am thrilled to report a new direction in my art. Back in art school I used to really look forward to my painting from life classes. I love the immediacy of standing there and painting what you see and feel from another human being, right on the spot. It’s amazing to […]

Justin's Sunset - watercolor

Opening night at the Phantom Gallery

Wow – that was fun! Last night was my first official art gallery opening night – at the Phantom Gallery currently located at 4161 North Damen in Chicago. That in itself made it a very special night for me. Great turn out – the gallery was packed with friends of the artists and well-wishers. I […]


Accepted into IWS national exhibition!

I’m over the moon! I was just informed that my painting, “Jealousy in Red Gloves” (see below) has been accepted into the Illinois Watercolor Society’s national exhibition! I’ve been told that nationally rated artists submit paintings to be in this show every year, so to be one of 60 selected for competition is a major […]


Now showing in Lincoln Park

On Thursday I installed my paintings at the new art gallery opening soon in Lincoln Park. It’s called “Fortunate Discoveries”, it’s located at 1022 W Armitage, and is a similar business model to the Andersonville Galleria. I’ve signed a lease and I get a wall all to myself. Fortunate Discoveries’ focus is original artwork of […]


Portraits make incomparable gifts

Last month I was commissioned to create a double portrait. My new client wanted to give a very special gift to his partner. This man had lost his mother years ago, and even though his father has since remarried, a family portrait of them still hangs in his father’s house. She was a very special […]


Show at the Phantom Gallery – St Paddy’s Day

The AQUA Series Opening night Saturday March 17, 7pm The Phantom Gallery 4161 North Damen Show runs through mid April and the gallery is open daily 6-8pm and all afternoon Saturdays and Sundays. Appointments off hours are also available. The Phantom Gallery is transient and at this time it’s located in Ravenswood. I’ll be showing […]


Winter in Chicago

Winter in Chicago, where are you? There’s been so little snow this year I used a photo from last year’s snow to create this painting. After a snow fall I like to walk through the city streets and green spaces and see what catches my eye. There’s almost always something that grabs my interest so […]


Pet portraits from photos

I recently finished two new pet portraits. A portrait makes a wonderfully personal keepsake to remember someone who has passed to to commemorate a beautiful moment in your life. The portrait of Allie below was completed some months ago but was only just given as a gift over the weekend for the owner’s birthday. I […]


New greeting cards have arrived

The new greeting cards are in! I did four love bird cards in honor of Valentine’s day, seen at left. Also fresh off the press are sets of four spring flowers, four spring birds, four landscapes and four desserts.  I’d love to hear your feedback! Cards are on sale now at the Andersonville Galleria and […]


Valentine’s Day at the Galleria

Woot! Thank you to Scott and Ken at the Andersonville Galleria for featuring one of my Valentine’s paintings in the front window display. I’ve just finished 4 new small lovebird paintings in time for the upcoming holiday. New greeting cards will also be available soon. Looking out the window right now with the snow coming […]


Remembering Grandma

This Christmas, to commemorate the passing of my wonderful Grandma Gertrude 10 years ago, I did a couple portraits of her to give to family members. I had wonderful source material – my mother had taken a series of beautiful black/white photo of Grandma years ago, so that was my starting point. Making the paintings […]


Flourish Studios now carrying my greeting cards!

Well, how do you like that? My greeting cards are now available for sale at Flourish Studios at 3020 North Lincoln Avenue in Chicago – how cool is that? I asked, they said yes, and now we’re front and center in the shop. Two rows of my cards displayed right behind check out. Pretty good!


My painting hanging in Germany!

How cool is this?  One of my paintings is now hanging in a home in Cologne Germany! And I must say she chose a lovely place for it. Thank you to Tania Danilenko for her patronage and for sending these great photos – love seeing where art ends up!