painter with paintbrush up

Arty bollocks

I had a great time in art school. Loved my classes, loved my teachers, loved being around art all the time. Especially loved learning new techniques and just being free to make things – all the time. It was fabulous. I only had one problem – other artists. Don’t get me wrong – not ALL […]


Cray pas and watercolor? huh?

I had an idea last week – why not mix cray pas with watercolor? Oil and water could create unexpected and hopefully very cool results. So, I tried drawing different images and lines on different kinds of paper and then painted watercolor on to it. The oily lines repelled the wet paint and retained the […]


The beauty of wrinkles

Crinkled masa paper plus watercolor provides some interesting effects. I’ve done 4 paintings now, experimenting with this technique, and I have to say I’m really liking the effects you can get. The peonies pictured below turned out really soft and transparent-looking. Almost as if I’d used layers of colored tissue paper to make the image. […]


Masa paper – the crinkle technique

Inspired by Chinese artist, Cheng-Khee Chee, I’ve been experimenting with the masa paper crinkle technique. It involves soaking masa paper in water and balling it up into a crinkled mass. This step breaks the sizing in the paper and when you smooth it out it’s left with a network of broken crinkle lines. When you […]


Gallery night – woohoo!

Thank you to everyone who showed up on Friday night (June 3), for my official opening at the Andersonville Galleria. All my Chicago people turned up, even the driving in from the far suburbs, and my family also made it down from Milwaukee – yay! What a fabulous turn out! This was my first attendance […]


I have a fan in Arizona!

What a thrill! I was just at the Andersonville Galleria preparing a new painting for exhibit and was lucky enough to meet a new fan! She is a lovely woman from Arizona visiting her daughter here in Chicago. She purchased two of my prints… “Row of trees” and “Birds on beach”. She was really nice […]


Yupo, my friend

I am having a love affair with Yupo paper. This paper is used in commercial printing and is actually a kind of plastic. This means it does not soak up water so a watercolor painting sits on top of the page and dries only when the water evaporates. I’m working on a few different techniques, […]


Fruits of my trespass

Okay! so I trespassed and I painted and here are the fruits of my activity (illegal?) Both peony paintings are a combination of collage and watercolor… a technique I learned from Karlyn Holman that I’ve been having a lot of fun with. The peonies in real life have such a delicate and lush presence, I […]


Ok, I trespassed

I admit it. I trespassed into my neighbors yard today. I seriously couldn’t help myself. Everyday, I sit in my office working at my computer, and my view out the window is of the homes across the street. Lately, I’ve been distracted by the most amazing peony bush that seems to have sprouted overnight next […]


Now showing at the Andersonville Galleria

I have taken a booth at the Andersonville Galleria in Chicago. My paintings and prints are on display on the 2nd floor. I took some time and painted the booth and created some signage and installed it all a couple weeks ago with the help of my friend Sandy. So exciting!