Fun with Yupo paper

Painting with Yupo paper is totally different from painting on watercolor paper. Yupo is a plastic substrate¬† – it’s nonabsorbent – so when you put watercolor on it, it does not soak into the paper. You have to wait for the water to evaporate before the painting is dry. The biggest plus I found so […]


Recent monoprints

I’ve really been getting into monoprints lately. I learned a fun technique from Karlyn Holman at a class I took in April and have been playing with the concept ever since. You start with pasting colored tissue on Masa paper, then you do your monoprint on top of that, and after it dries you can […]


My first painting was a face

My mom, also an artist, used to sit my brother and I down with paints and crayons and loads of paper whenever we complained we were bored. According to her the first thing I drew that looked like anything was a face. All these years later I have to say that as an artist I’m […]