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Another workshop with Jim Scherbarth

Last weekend I drove up to Minneapolis for the pleasure of studying with one of my favorite artists, James Edward Scherbarth. I had taken a workshop with Jim last April at Shake Rag Alley in Mineral Point, WI. I really respond to Jim’s style of teaching and got so much out of the first class, […]


Workshop with Karlyn Holman

I’ve just returned from a week long workshop with Karlyn Holman in Washburn Wisconsin. This is the 4th year in a row I’ve attended a workshop with her. Karlyn is such an inspiring person – she’s created a wonderful life for herself in the arts. She is a great artist, she teaches in her studio […]


Encaustics and the discarded series

As another branch of my “Discarded” series, I have been incorporating antique photography into encaustic works. I have a fascination with antique photography. It’s sad and intriguing to find old family snaps and formal shots for sale at junk shops and antique stores. I can spend ages sifting through these crumbling old pages from someone […]


Now on Facebook

Facebook – at long last. I have been meaning to create a page for quite a while now and finally have got it up and running. Here’s the link. I guess this means now that I need to separate my art postings from my personal facebook page. That will take some discipline! I’m picturing the […]


Hi acrylics, long time no see

It’s been a very long time since I worked in acrylic – however I was at Michaels Crafts the other day and saw some sales going on pre-stretched canvases so I thought I’d give it a try. Luckily, I still have loads of paint left over from the last time I painted in acrylic, which […]


The comfort of home

(Pictured above, “Rita’s Back Yard”, watercolor) A lot of painters use a method called “plein air” – which means to bring your paints and paper and set up outside in front of an inspiring view and paint it on the spot. In my travels, I’ve seen this a lot. Florence, Paris, London, San Francisco, New […]


Sweet attack

Wayne Thiebold made a name for himself during the pop art movement by painting cakes and pastries – and I can see why he chose them. They’re so pretty! Like making a painting of a sculpture, it’s art inspired by art. While the Pop movement was about glorifying objects of mass culture, my inspiration is […]


A week of art

I just got back from a week in Canada hosted by my lovely upstairs neighbors. We stayed in a cabin overlooking a beautiful lake (photo at left) in Nestor Falls, Ontario and I spent the entire week soaking up the beauty of the place, snapping pics for future inspiration and … wait for it… painting. […]


Justin’s sunset – the Aqua series

Well – I have many talented friends. This painting was inspired by a gorgeous sunset photo taken by my neighbor, Justin. I think it fits nicely into my “Aqua” series. Justin’s photo jumped right out at me because of the drama created by the composition and intense color contrast. His photo was amazing – I […]



Pictured above, “Rolling”, watercolor, 32″ x 40″ framed. Browsing through Facebook I saw a couple beautiful ocean shots taken by my friend Celia. (I occasionally scroll through Celia’s albums because she’s got an amazing eye. This is not the first painting I did inspired by her photography). I’ve been looking for some subject matter that […]


Inspiration found outside Galter Life Center

Hustling to my exercise class the other day at Galter Life Center in Chicago, I stopped in my tracks. I was running late, only minutes to check in, whip off my street togs, shower down and jump in the pool for the class that was about to start… but yet I stopped where I was, […]


Flying dreams

I’ve been doing a lot of sketching lately – I have been getting inspiration to do a series based on narratives that spring from my dreams. For years now I’ve been having dreams of flying. Sometimes I’m in a flying contraption, sometimes I’m just floating above the street, sometimes I’m really high, sometimes I’m just […]

painter with paintbrush up

Arty bollocks

I had a great time in art school. Loved my classes, loved my teachers, loved being around art all the time. Especially loved learning new techniques and just being free to make things – all the time. It was fabulous. I only had one problem – other artists. Don’t get me wrong – not ALL […]


Cray pas and watercolor? huh?

I had an idea last week – why not mix cray pas with watercolor? Oil and water could create unexpected and hopefully very cool results. So, I tried drawing different images and lines on different kinds of paper and then painted watercolor on to it. The oily lines repelled the wet paint and retained the […]


Masa paper – the crinkle technique

Inspired by Chinese artist, Cheng-Khee Chee, I’ve been experimenting with the masa paper crinkle technique. It involves soaking masa paper in water and balling it up into a crinkled mass. This step breaks the sizing in the paper and when you smooth it out it’s left with a network of broken crinkle lines. When you […]


Yupo, my friend

I am having a love affair with Yupo paper. This paper is used in commercial printing and is actually a kind of plastic. This means it does not soak up water so a watercolor painting sits on top of the page and dries only when the water evaporates. I’m working on a few different techniques, […]


Fruits of my trespass

Okay! so I trespassed and I painted and here are the fruits of my activity (illegal?) Both peony paintings are a combination of collage and watercolor… a technique I learned from Karlyn Holman that I’ve been having a lot of fun with. The peonies in real life have such a delicate and lush presence, I […]


Ok, I trespassed

I admit it. I trespassed into my neighbors yard today. I seriously couldn’t help myself. Everyday, I sit in my office working at my computer, and my view out the window is of the homes across the street. Lately, I’ve been distracted by the most amazing peony bush that seems to have sprouted overnight next […]


Recent monoprints

I’ve really been getting into monoprints lately. I learned a fun technique from Karlyn Holman at a class I took in April and have been playing with the concept ever since. You start with pasting colored tissue on Masa paper, then you do your monoprint on top of that, and after it dries you can […]


My first painting was a face

My mom, also an artist, used to sit my brother and I down with paints and crayons and loads of paper whenever we complained we were bored. According to her the first thing I drew that looked like anything was a face. All these years later I have to say that as an artist I’m […]